This is a form letter that may be used in communication with opposing counsel about the "form or forms" of discovery. It is intended that the ELawExchange Glossary be attached to the letter or other communication to the repuesting party.

Dear ,

As part of the discovery process in our case, we will be seeking electronic evidence. In order to facilitate our pretrial conferences, I have attached a glossary of electronic discovery terms. The glossary of electronic discovery terms was obtained from the ELawExchange Glossary, available at (last visited on_). The reference sources for the origination of these terms is contained on this website.

This glossary will serve as the basis for our request for different "forum or forms" of electronic discovery evidence. If you have any disagreement as to the attached glossary of terms terms, please notify me so that we can work out a resolution. Unless you have specific disagreement as to the definitions contained in the glossary, I will assume that the attached electronic discovery glossary will form the basis of our discussions concerning electronic discovery.

First, as to electronic discovery requested in this case . . .